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Indigenous Centre for Occupational Health & Public Safety

We empower first nations communities to achieve an injury-free work & play lifestyle

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The ICOHPS develops public safety-awareness education programs in a variety of fields as well as develop needed safety management system for their operations. We work with employers and their employees, and community members engaging in work, family and play activity, that will in turn reduce human and financial losses for their Nations.

Safety Training

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Introducing the Public Safety Officer program

Our program trains people to be responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures to assure personnel safety.

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Our Valued Partnerships

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Toby Desnomie
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Who We Are

I have been working for First Nation communities as a technician, manager and coordinator for over 20 years. As a National Construction Safety Officer Instructor with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, allowed me to see firsthand what safety can do to help organizations thrive...

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The Indigenous Centre for Occupational Health & Public Safety's Five Guiding Principles

These five guiding principles guide everything we do here at ICOHPS.

The ICOHPS Five Guiding Principles

Public safety awareness for our Members is paramount...

Public safety policies that reflect,  road safety, citizens in public areas, like walking on the road, playing in the playground after school.  Volunteering at extra-curricular activities in the community is a potential risk and liability for the Nation- it’s very crucial that we have public safety systems in place for our children and guests to enjoy the event.


We give advice to our members with respect to Canadian and Provincial legislation, as well as, best practices and procedures that meet or exceed industry standards.  We also provide our members with advice on how to set up health a safety management systems, and which types of training and professional development programs that will suit their organizations needs for HR and staff requirements.


We look at our members as indigenous sovereign nations that having the capacity to develop their own acts and regulations, and govern their own occupations and health and safety programs within their own communities. We advocate for first nations to develop these programs and needed funding to support OH&S initiatives.


ICOHPS has developed professional Occupational Heath products and programs using industry standards from Finning (Catapiller) Mosaic mining, leading safety for Canada’s industry OHS programs. 

We customize training specifically targeting sovereign inherited Nations.

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We create management and administrative OH&S systems, Consult on Drug testing, and policy development, equipment sales, and more.

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